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The characters


Name: Nefarious

Name: Nefarious

Origin: Son of Lusk

Weapon: None

Power: Transfer and storage seals. Can store an item or person in a limbo plane by forcing in a storage seal. The transfer seals work like portals 

Power: Transfer and storage seals. Can store an item or person in a limbo plane by forcing in a storage seal. The transfer seals work like portals. Can turn flesh to flames.

Goal: Becoming the strongest living being

Name: Diya

Origin: The selected host of the purple demon. The purple demon manipulated a cult in the over world to do his bidding by having them put the demons essence inside a stone tablet. The tablet was to take 3 years to be created and made ready to be inserted in a live human to have that human then turn into the demon. The problem is that the tablet did not make it to full restoration. The purple demon planned for the worst and had the cult find a skeleton instead. The cult members inserted the tablet within the skeleton. The demon was to slumber for 200 years slowly regrowing all his flesh (a hell of a setback) but... the skeletons pre-death willpower along with the demonic energy allowed the corpse to rise early. 

Weapon: Drama

Power: The Eye of Hellsend: If you are in the eyes sight and the user blinks you are sent to hell if the host is in the over world. Vice versa if the user is in hell

Can also summon ice energy from left thumb and fire energy from left index

With no knowledge how to repeat this phenomenon, somehow Diya can become engulfed in a fiery silhouette of Nefarious through anger..

Goal: Killing Tsek and Navo for manipulating Suoirafen

Name: Nato

Origin: Son of Lusk

Weapon: Takal

Power: Can die 5 times. Upon the 5th death Nato is shrouded in darkness as five massive demons emerge from the pentagram on his chest known as the Five of Oniah

Goal: Killing Nefarious


Name: Lusk

Origin: ???

Weapon: A demonic staff that can summon demons

Power: Can stitch himself to other beings and he has the other Eye of Hellsend. Can also send demonic stitching from his blue eye to bound anyone or anything. This is all that is known

Goal: Getting his blue eye back and killing Nefarious


Name: Najuala - a former General of Lusk


Origin: ???

Weapon: ???

Power: All that is known is that Najuala has a pair of the Eye of Hellsend now in the heads of Diya and Lusk

Goal: Being trapped and becoming Drama...Najuala's new goal is killing Diya and Nefarious if he ever gets the chance


Name: Solas - A General of Lusk

Origin: A created beast. Made from the flesh of Najuala infused with the strongest demonic iron in hell

Weapon: ???

Power: Can store and release blasts of black demonic flames from its face. The flames are stored when it sleeps in the sun. Incredibly strong, can fly, and has 3 "6" demons living in his stomach that can capture and seal victims within Solas's body

Goal: ???

Name: Lana

Origin: All that is known is that she lives in Nuuk, Greenland

Weapon: .45


Goal: Staying close to Diya for mutual safety 



Name: Nissi

Origin: Creation of Lusk's lost blood

Weapon: ???

Power: Can take the blood forme of any recently

killed creature and can manipulate it as she

pleases until the stolen blood is lost. She can

repeat this as long as she has stamina. If her

blood is completely evaporated however, she

will die

Goal: Her last living goal was to feel whole by fornicating with Diya, but killing him for betraying her father 


Name: Navo

Origin: Son of Lusk

Weapon: ???

Power: Can ooze black liquid from face that summons other demons

Goal: Protecting his father and killing Nefarious


Name: Tsek 

Origin: ???

Weapon: None just uses a secure strap to hold things
as his body changes sizes

Power: Can not only change forms but can also grow

75-foot tall or be as small as 7-foot. Strength 

amplifies with growth. Retractable beaks from each

of his 8 deadly tentacles

Goal: Never making his masters wait for him to 

complete an assigned mission



Name: Suoirafen

Origin: ???

Weapon: None

Power: Can take the blood forme of any recently killed creature and can manipulate it as he pleases until the stolen blood is lost. He can repeat this as long as he has stamina. If his blood is completely evaporated however, he will die

Goal: All that is known is that this beast is very influenced by what it sees. Acts like a wild animal, but with godly strength



Name: Paki

Origin: Was a regular human who had a depressing life. He sold his soul to evil allowing him to meet and be manipulated

by Nefarious

Weapon: A massive upside-down cross sword
with no known powers and demonic tablets

Power: Paki is a Human with no super natural

abilities. Other than a demonic plan 

Goal: Forcibly making Nefarious fulfill his

promise to the Cult of Chana for eternal

happiness and prosperity 



Name: Clyde

Origin: ???

Weapon: ???

Power: Clyde is a Human with no super natural abilities

Goal: Assisting Paki with his goal to capture 

Nefarious. Paki's second in command



Name: Razio

Origin: ???

Weapon: In-tens unit senses vibrations made 
from an opponent and vibrates on the part of
body that is needed to pull back for a dodge 
or block

Power: Can shoot super sonic blasts of 

sound by screaming. Strong enough to 

implode an airplane

Goal: Finding Nato's severed head


Name: Saby

Origin: ???

Weapon: ???

Power: ???

Goal: Protecting Nefarious quietly with his:
Nefarious fan club

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