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The Full Story

About the Author

The Book of Diya comic book series is one of a kind in many ways!

I write, pencil, ink, color, and digitally enhance every regular page and every special art page for this series and I put my all into it!

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My mission has been the same since the beginning. Work non-stop until I get my series made into a TV show! To be redrawn in beautiful VFX to fully bring this one-of-a-kind story to light. For the fans to have a long running series where they can enjoy from beginning to end without the feeling of "I wish it had a different ending" which I see time and time again

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Vision Focused

I started writing the Book of Diya in May of 2018 and have not stopped since! I worked every single day to sharpen my craft and overcome any obstacles I have met ( a ton!) I have forced myself to become a better artist while still keeping the unique style that is Diya. I also love my fans and to prove this I do tons of giveaways and private member events so don't miss out!

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