Harbor Book 1

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Zion was tough, growing up in Detroit didn't give him much of a choice. Young Zion is playing basketball with his friends when suddenly his adversary is killed on impact by a fast moving, bionic crown. The group panics as they try to escape. However, Only Zion is fruitful. All of Zion's friends meet the same fate and Zion finds himself pinned to the ground. He quickly notices his entire head has been encased in a metallic crown that felt alive. The crown drilled into his skull, and gripped his head tight as he tries to pull it off. What does this new attachment mean for Zion? Why did his friends die while he was spared? These are questions Zion had before the crowns that killed his friends proceeded to attach themselves where his friends heads used to be. Zion runs through the city in disgust.....but his energy was soaring and he felt..... strong euphoria. Can Zion find the answers in time? Can he keep his family safe?