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Harbor the series has officially been converted into
an audiobook series...back to its origin! Every
full moon a new episode comes out:
1 chapter per full moon!

Check YouTube for new episodes or watch here


harboor front cover w-skullie.png

Harbor Visual
guide 1 now 
available on the
"Book Store"

Episodes Below!

Episode 1: The day of the moon - The Cold Moon

Episode 2: Crowned - The Wolf Moon


Episode 3: Flow- The Snow Moon

Episode 4: Ashes- The Worm Moon

Episode 5: matter over mind- The Pink Moon

Episode 6: come down- The Flower Moon

Episode 7: Action Plan- The Strawberry moon

Episode 8: Newfound... - The Buck moon

Episode 9: ...hope - The Sturgeon moon

Episode 10: Concentration - the Harvest Moon

Episode 11: The Story of Carter - the Hunter's Moon

Episode 12: Gathered - the Beaver Moon

Episode 13: follow me - the cold Moon

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