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Welcome to the Harbor Hub! Explore each season with links to the youtube playlist and their respective visual guides to make the free audiobook series pop with diya-style visuals. The books also come with exclusive skullie keychains and fun facts about the episodes and the full moons they release on

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Alien crowns burn through the atmosphere and target the heads of the horrified public below. If the 
crowns don't cause their heads to explode, they violently latch to their skulls before drilling into them.
Once they latch, they take over the human's bodies and with their DNA mixed with the human brain cells, they can finally achieve their goal....complete takeover. Four special blue fluid crowns gain the abilities of Gods....but can they come to agreement of their plan and mission and what exactly is that mission...

harbor s2.png
harbor s1.png

Harbor episodes release on certain full moon days during the year

Season 3 returns in 2025


Next Full moon episode date: ???


season 2 playlist

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season 1 playlist

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