Book  of  Diya  TCG  S1  is here!

This page is the hub for the new Book of Diya TCG. It contains:

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  • Season 1 Card List

  • The Rules

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Whether you collect, play, or both

the Book of Diya TCG will entertain! 

62 Season 1 Cards to collect

4 Special Super Rare Holographic fighter cards

1 in 8 booster packs contain SSR Cards!

Card Shop

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Booster pack includes 10 Book of Diya TCG S1 cards.

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Book of Diya TCG S1 Card list

SSR Holographic Fighter Cards

Fighter Cards

Attack Cards

Support Cards

Utility Cards


What you need:

  • 60 card deck

  • 6D and 20D dices

  • Pencil or pen

  • Mini sticky notes

  • This site

  • a coin

Starting the Game

Game starts with both players facing each other and shaking hands

First each desk must be Shuffled

Top 5 cards of each players deck must be placed in the Dark Void pile (see

dark void section)

Next Search deck for one fighter card. If all fighters in Dark Void, player must re-shuffle. Once fighter found place them forward face up

Re-Shuffle Deck and draw 5 cards

Flip coin to call who goes first - Can attack on first turn 

A fighter can be withdrawn at any time as long as:

You have a fighter to swap out with, it's your turn, and your fighter hasn't taken damage

Dark Void

10 cards go into the dark void and are shuffled together before entering void.

Each turn each player starts by rolling a D6 and D20

Whoever gets higher D6 roll wins and if D20 lands on 20, winning player

can pull 1 card from Dark Void

Both dice should be rolled together for quicker gameplay experience

Hp and Ap

Each fighter starts with HP. When

HP is drained, the fighter must be

discarded with attached cards. If no fighters left in hand to be placed in substitution... the game is won by attacking party.

When fighter dies, players lose a 

pre-determined amount of AP or

Aura Points.

Each player starts with 350 AP.

If AP is drained to 0 then the player


Ways to lose AP:

Certain fighter attacks

Fighter dies

How to Play

Each turn draw 2 cards

Once both fighters are forward, 100 AP is written on sticky note for each player, and 10 cards in Dark Void the game can now begin

Whoever goes first may now assess their newly drawn hand

Players can attach unlimited amount of support cards to fighter but can only

attach one support card per turn. 


Player can also attach a utility card to fighter. If utility is attached, no other

utility cards can be used until its un-attached and discarded. Multiple utility cards that don't attach can be used on turn

Players can attack on first turn either using their pre-learned moves or attack 

cards. An attack always ends the turn (pay close attention to fighter cards and special abilities) 

If you KO an opponent, they will lose AP and a fighter... if they do not have 

a fighter in their hand to place in substitution the game is over. If AP is drained to 0 then the game is over.

When fighter is KO'd place fighter and all cards attached in discard pile. 

Place new fighter if you have one in your hand

A utility can be removed from fighter at any time as long as it's discarded and

it's your turn

Card piles: Dark void pile, discard pile, deck, hand (don't show hand)

Fighters place face up - opponent can assess any placed fighter