Years 16-20


Diya being kidnapped by the cunning Paki finds him chained to an upside down cross for five years, all so while regrowing most of his right leg. 


Current growth: 19.30%

Current yeAR: 20 OF 200

The Book of Diya covers the entire regrowth process (200 years) which means that each of the 30 books covers a certain set of years of Diya's life. The first book of Diya covers the first 10 years of his life. Diya had to have some growth to be able to move freely.The growth he has on the picture to the right is how he looks after he got his new hand in hell. The new hand was needed so he can wield the demonic blade Drama. If Diya keeps the scar Drama left on his hand unscathed then Drama will obey him....otherwise who knows what the former head of the demonic dragon Najuala would do...

Diyas wild journey takes him to Nuuk, Greenland. Diya meets a family here and when he sees a demon kill the girls mom...something...very sinister happens. The anger started to consume Diya in the form of purple flames. A phenomenon that stumps even Nefarious. The new demonic form caused Diya to shock grow the fire finger. Who knows what Diya would have done if Nefarious didn't possess him with the blue eye. The skin patch Nefarious mistakenly grew also accounts for some of Diyas growth.

A year passes as Diya hones his new fire abilities in a dormant volcano. In this time a patch of skin and a tail stub is grown

After Diya is forcefully separated from Lusk he lays low in a bar for 5 years to avoid his fathers army. He works for the bartender so he can sleep in the closet in the back of the bar. In the time he finished growing his waste and tail

After defeating Nissi in the epic sky battle they had, diya is launched an entire mile into the ocean by his own blast. 4 years pass over while Diya rests on the ocean floor growing part of a foot!

After Diya's depressing bout with Suoirafen...he finds himself staying in New York City with an adult Lana. Obviously Nefarious's plan. Here he is allowed to peacefully grow the rest of his foot increasing his growth percentage. However, familiar hooded fiends have another plan.