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Graphic novels come with 
12 special pages that are not
included in the online issues!

Book 7 Cover front.png

Years   38-47 (Book 7)

Cover - front.png

Years   36-37 (Book 6)

harboor front cover w-skullie.png

Harbor Visual Guide 1 (includes keychain)


Years 26-35    (Book 5)

Years 21-25    (Book 4)

Book 4 Cover.png

Years 16-20 (Book 3)

Years 11-15 (Book 2)

cover - Copy.png

Looking for Book 1?
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Page   to get your Hands on 
Book 1 along with tier  bonuses!!

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Book 1 page count: 215
Book 2 onward    page count: 180 each

Note: Only Red, Blue, or  Black
members can purchase a book
from this page! See the "Become a member" page for more info.

Refunds will NOT be issued
if a non-member makes a 
purchase from this page. 

Memberships come with Book
1 unless you specify in the order that you want it to come with a different book in the order notes

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